RHL Weston Beach Race 2021


The RHL Weston Beach Race celebrated it’s 38th year this weekend. Described as the “maddest, baddest and biggest event on the UK off-road calendar” it creates a 6 mile course on Weston-super-Mare’s beach, made up of bumps, dunes and a 2km long starting straight for motorcycles, quads and side cards to test themselves on over gruelling endurance races of up to 3 hours. Open to both pro racers and complete amateurs it’s crazy and highly entertaining.

Having moved to Weston-super-Mare, in North Somerset, from London earlier this year, I decided to go down and shoot things in my usual candid snapshot aesthetic, over the prep day on Friday (1st October) and the first day of racing proper on the Saturday (2nd October.)

It was really days of two halves with bright sunshine and clear blue skies on the Friday and an absolute day-long deluge on the Saturday. As a result, I shot with my Olympus EM10 Mark IV and 28 lens on the Friday but not wishing to risk it in the downpour on Saturday, I took my little Ricoh GR3 (also 28mm) instead. Although the Ricoh is equally as non-waterproof as the Olympus, I do have it in a protective silicone wrap, which I figured would afford it some more protection. Even so, the rain was so heavy at times, it was impossible to keep dry…but big Kudos to the little compact, apart from a misting up lens and occasionally turning itself off unexpectedly (resulting in a couple of missed shots), it survived the day much to my amazement!

So, anyway, enough technical waffling from me, here’s a selection of images from those two days.

Friday 1 October 2021 – The Prep Day

Saturday 2 October 2021 – The Race Day 1

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